About Me

I created this beauty blog back in August 2008 - under the name of Shortiee31 - when there were not many other bloggers around! To me blogging was and always will be a place where I can write my thoughts about products in order to come back to them at a later date - A bit like an archive. I enjoy blogging about beauty, it's a hobby, which is why I am still blogging 4 years on :)

Possibly interesting fact? Before I started blogging I had a YouTube account where I used to make videos - Also about beauty! I did that for a couple of years but then thought it was way too time consuming.

As for talking about myself - I am not too good at this as I value my privacy. So I will tell you some general things about myself...
I enjoy watching rom coms, comedy & action films. I love watching comedy shows such as Russel Howard's Good News, Have I Got News For You, Graham Norton, Mock the Week etc. I also love shows like Top Gear, The Apprentice, Dragon's Den and Eastenders :)

I tend to listen to R&B, Hip Hop, Pop music. I don't have an all-time favourite artist as I love listening to a whole variety of them! 

Another random fact.. I quite enjoy DIY i.e. redecorating rooms, painting, designing etc. Oh and I also like photography - Sadly no flashy DSLR here though (yet)!

Thank you for reading! :)
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