Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Lash Diary - Vintage Cosmetics Company Kitty

With the party season in full swing I have started making an effort with false eyelashes again! Like all of the original lashes that Vintage Cosmetics Company have on offer, Kitty is very lightweight and wearable.

Kitty has a thin, clear and flexible band which meant they stayed on perfectly for hours and gripped on perfectly throughout a blow dry! The picture of the boxed up lashes were taken after I wore them out - Bad blogger! ;)

As you can see Kitty adds a little bit of volume to your natural lashes and there is emphasis on the outer corners. It must be said, Connie remains my favourite out of the five! The eyelashes are priced at £6 and it seems VCC has come a long way since I last wrote about them as they are now stocked in 15 places, which you can find here :)


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Wendy Ayche said...

I love your eyes :)!
Much love,

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