Thursday, 6 December 2012

Get Them Before They Are Gone!

As soon as the email for the Haus of Gloi LE Christmas collection came out I instantly clicked on the link and placed my order - I was not going to miss it this time around! My goods, as always, arrived within about 10 days and I wanted to share them with you before they disappear from the website.

Whatever the scent the texture of their products always remains the same so I thought I'd let you know what I think of them instead of reviewing them individually... Seeing as they are LE anyway!
1 - Sweet Potato Treat = Gorgeous toasted (ever so slightly smoked) marshmallows!
2 - Fancy Bread = Initially it smells like banana milkshake but then you smell banana bread!
3 - Parkin = Smells like cooled down gingerbread men!

I believe they cost a $1 more than the usual range as they are only available for Christmas but as always, they are very much worth it!

I also placed an order from The Body Shop as they were having a 50% discount if you purchased 4 items. As I said I would, I immediately purchased their Vanilla & Tonka Bean candle! I have lit it already and I found that it takes a while for the scent to disperse all over the room. I was actually quite disappointed that the packaging on the outside was beautiful but inside it's just a plain candle within a plain glass - But at 50% off I'm not complaining too much.
I also bought my HG Cocoa Butter body scrub along with a Vanilla Bliss hand cream - Which is quite thick and smells gorgeous... Perfect for Winter! Oh and I got a pumice stone as it was only £2 but I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it works. So that's me done for a while.. Now time to buy Christmas presents for others! ;)

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