Thursday, 1 November 2012

Instagramming In October

So I have been on Instagram for a little over a month and I think it's safe to say I am very much addicted. I initially saw no point of joining it as my phone has built-in filters but I get the hype now ;) Here are my Instagram pics for the month of October! Hopefully you enjoy the teeny insight into my life... Ps. I love taking pictures of food.

1. Home-made cheese scones 2. Royal Naval College 3. Graffiti artists at Schuh campaign. 4&5. Bexhill-on-sea. 6. Chicken & chorizo. 7.Home-made cheese bread 8. Fireplace 9. Asparagus & cheese.

10. Home-made pumpkin muffins with spiced cream cheese frosting 11.Pretty chandelier 12. Jerk chicken 13. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting 14. Kew garden 15. Chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles 16. Home-grown tomato 17. Home-made cake pops 18. Vietnamese dinner.

19. Birthday cake I made for my sister 20&21. Cocktails at Frankie & Benny's 22. Trying a Chai latte 23. Reminiscing of SweetSpot pancakes 24. More jerk chicken 25. Nike running shoes 26. Salmon sandwiches 27. Haagen-Dazs


Hellcandy said...

Ah HA! I have finally upgraded my phone so I can jump on this instagram wagon. Love these kind of posts :) x

Hellcandy said...

Finally upgraded my phone so I can do these kind of posts instagram diaries :) x

Shortiee31 said...

@Hellcandy - Can't wait to see your pics... I am addicted! :D x

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