Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hershesons Blow Dry Bar Selfridges

Now before I start, you guys may know how much love I had for Hershesons before my visit last Saturday... I have wrote about them before here singing high praises. But here's what I thought of the Hershesons at their Selfridges (London) location.

The booking process was very quick and simple, as it's all done online and you immediately get a confirmation via. email! You are asked to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to check-in. I had got there 15 minute early, on the dot, and got asked to come back at the actual time I was booked in for... Ok then.

I had arrived back at the Hershesons hair station on time but had then been kept waiting for a whole 15 minutes - At this point I was unimpressed as I realised I was now going to be late to my own birthday do.

The Blowdry
I love my blowdries and always opt for my usual big & bouncy. As Hershesons specialise in blowdries I was expecting the best blowdry of my life but sadly it was probably one of the worst. I didn't get the chance to take a picture of my hair straight away but it looked really good at first... 15 minutes later when I arrived at my party all but the glossiness had disappeared! :(

The Hairdresser
I think her name was Harriet? She was very polite and listened carefully to what I wanted but at times she seemed more interested in ensuring her hair looked perfect at all times than taking care of mine... I.e. there was a lot of hair pulling.

There are about 8 seats all quite close to each other but all the hairdressers seemed very friendly and there was a good vibe.

It costs £25 and you can pick out any look from their hair menu. It's supposed to take 30 minutes but took 45.

It was a very disappointing experience. I really loved Hershesons and the whole concept before but after this disastrous experience I am just upset by the whole thing to be honest.

(Last picture taken from Hershesons website)

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