Thursday, 25 October 2012

Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrubs

I have been going crazy for Haus of Gloi lately placing several more orders from them! For the past couple of months I have been alternating between the bubbling scrubs featured below. Here's my opinion on the three...

1 - Honey Tree. As I had mentioned in my previous post I had tried the sugar exfoliant version of this scent before and just like the pumpkin butter it smells exactly the same. I love Haus of Gloi's consistency when it comes to their product... You can buy any variant and it will all have exactly the same scent! In this case Honey Tree smells of vanilla, honey and incense sticks (to me).

2 - Depravity. This was described to contain clove, nutmeg, amber, wine, sandalwood and coconut - It was the last two ingredients that drew me in. Sadly I could only pick out the spicy notes and therefore it was a miss for me, a bit like the Moon Dog pumpkin butter.

3 - Troika. This was a new discovery which I absolutely love! It smells so warm and sweet... Perfect for the colder months! The description is pretty much spot on... "A trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white".

All of the bubbling scrubs provide a light exfoliation, which then transforms into a soft and luxurious lather. The tubs are $3.50 each for 2oz pot (approx. 55ml) - A very good price. They are available online from Haus of Gloi.

1 comment:

Hellcandy said...

I love the snowwolf one...smells sooo the forest :)

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