Thursday, 30 August 2012

Superdrug AW12 Launches

Back in mid-July I headed over to Rathbone Place to check out Superdrug's new launches for AW12. Most of the products displayed will be available in September so I thought I would share my favourites to look out for now! There were plenty of opportunities to get my nails done but this time I opted out as I didn't have much time (story of my life at the moment haha).

The photo above is an impressive display of some of the beauty products Superdrug currently have - I spy the Arora body range and some Collection nail polishes! One of the new ranges I was probably most excited about is Sweet Snuggles, what with all their delicious sounding body care products.

There seems to be plenty of falsies adorned with nail art going on... Above are pictures of the funky Clubworks false nails and some wearable falsies by Superdrug. If you're after some blinged up nails however, Nazila will be bringing an awesome collection into to Superdrug soon too!

And as always there are plenty of beauty gift sets and perfumes which will be showing up closer to Christmas. Oh and look who I spied just before I left... Joanna Page (who is the current face of Superdrug)! Loved watching her in The Syndicate :)
Ps. If anyone wants to know the prices of anything do let me know and I'll find out for you :)

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