Friday, 15 June 2012

Shellac At Gossip Nails

Back in March I attended Gossip Nails' launch party to find out more about the services they offer and to view their brand new nail salon. I was kindly offered the opportunity to try the Shellac manicure and a few weeks ago I happily accepted... So here's what I thought of it all!

Tina, one of the qualified Shellac manicurists, kindly explained the whole process from start to finish. After buffing using a natural buffer for natural nails (this is optional) and pushing back my cuticles (cutting them is recommended for a perfect finish), Tina very carefully applied the base coat and cured it for 10 seconds. Two coats of colour and a glitter coat was then applied and cured for 2 minutes each. Finally the top coat was applied and was cured for a further 2 minutes, ensuring all the way throughout that the tips of my nails were sealed so it didn't wear of as quickly.

Once that was all done and the sticky residue that the Shellac had was removed, I had a quick hand massage to restore moisture and I was left with beautifully bright nails! Shellac should last up to 14 days and so I wanted to put this to the test, as best as I could. The 2nd picture above shows my nails exactly a week after - Still perfect, just re-growth at the base. The re-growth bothered me slightly and as it was (then) Jubilee weekend I painted some Union Jacks on top. The 3rd picture shows that after a whole 2 weeks there are no chipping whatsoever - I am impressed!

All in all I would say Shellac is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to waste time in nail salons but wants to maintain perfectly manicured nails. I am wearing the colour Tropix, with a glitter coat. The Shellac manicure costs £28 which includes removal, getting rid of dead skin and the hand massage. You can find Gossip Nails' contact details here.


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Love Tropix, and the little bow is so cute :-)

Jean said...

That yellow bow tie? It's so adorable. LOL!

Hellcandy said...

Ooo I love the little bow! So cute!x

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