Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Glam Republic Illusion Eyes

You may remember me writing about these eyeliner appliques from Glam Republic back in February, when they were being shown at the Superdrug SS12 event and how it was one of the products I was most excited about launching! Well I put these to test last week and I was extremely pleased was the results, which you can see below!

I chose to apply my usual eyelash glue before applying the eyeliner applique and it was pretty much the same as applying falsies in terms of skill required. It lasted wonderfully the whole day as it's very flexible - I expected it to lift off at the corners but it didn't. I struggle to do winged eyeliner (TBH I haven't practiced much) but I genuinely do appreciate the ease of these appliques... And no one could tell they were stuck on ;)

I was told at the Superdrug event that they are reusable so I have put them away safely and will definitely be using them a couple more times. I am wearing the Black Velvet in Small but they do have a Medium size and with the option of Glitter as opposed to the Black Velvet.
Illusion Eyes are available from Superdrug and the single pack is £4.99 and the double pack is £8.99.

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Tass said...

You can't tell at all that it's a stick on they look really great. I also struggle with eyeliner, I can't do fancy flicks to save my life. I can do a basic cat eye but I can't never get both eyes to match up. I think one of my eyes is wonkier than the other :3

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