Thursday, 31 May 2012

LUSH Smitten Hand Cream

One year later and I am still making my way through my LUSH hatbox... The latest product that I am using is LUSH's Smitten hand cream - Which is now only an online exclusive!

What's it like?
With ingredients like almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter, it does a fabulous job at keeping my hands moisturised for hours. The cream itself has quite a thick consistency but smooth enough for it to get through the pump comfortably. I don't like the fact that it initially feels a bit oily for a while, however that's the only complaint I have!

How much and how long?
It's available on LUSH online - £7 for a 100g pot. It's a shame they don't still put their hand creams in a pump bottle, like the one I have pictured above, as it's very handy (ha!) and is much more handbag friendly than a pot.

How does it smell?
Soft almond and vanilla! Yum :)

Other comments:

Would I recommend it? If you can tolerate the initial oily/slippery feeling then I would recommend this. All in all it's a really good hand cream and the 100g pot should last you a long time as my 45g bottle has lasted ages with daily use!


Hellcandy said...

Did you ever try Snowcake? It's the same scent & I have a block stashed away as it only ever comes out for Xmas!x

Shortiee31 said...

I have indeed and I agree! They both smell gorgeous! x

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