Thursday, 12 April 2012

label.m Lab Remedy Treatment

On Tuesday I went to Toni & Guy, Sloane Square to test and find out more about their new Lab Remedy in-salon treatment. Lab Remedy is an intensive hair & scalp treatment for all hair types and is tailored for each client, depending on whether your concern is conditioning coloured hair, dry/damaged hair or a dry/itchy scalp. I got the opportunity to discuss the new treatment with Eamonn Boreham (who kind of looks like George Clooney...), the International Education Manager for label.m.

Lab Remedy
This in-salon treatment is different to others as it contains Tri-Keravitaplex Complex (exclusive to label.m) and is a blend of vegan proteins derived from rice, peas and potatoes, which I was surprised by. Eamonn explained that as it is a highly concentrated mix and conditions from inside to the outside of the hair & scalp, it continues nourishing your hair even after you next shampoo.

I quite enjoyed the treatment itself... My hair was shampooed and conditioned like usual before the Lab Remedy treatment was applied for what felt like a couple of minutes - I had expected to sit in a chair for a good 15 minutes minimum but as it works quickly there was no need! As my hair is not colour treated or dry/damaged, Eamonn & Richard recommended that I have the dry/itchy scalp treatment. As India, one of the lovely hairdressers at the salon, sprayed the treatment and massaged it into the roots of my hair, it felt very cool & refreshing. My scalp usually feels slightly tight after washing, even in the warmer months when I don't have a dry/itchy scalp but for once it was totally calm!

The Blowdry
*Sigh* Ahh the blowdry... I was so excited to find out that Hairdresser of the Year and International Artistic Director Richard Mannah was going to blowdry my hair! I asked for big & bouncy (as usual) and I was taking mental notes on his technique while learning more about Lab Remedy and discussing blogging! A little tip I learnt from Richard - A messier parting helps with the illusion of creating volume. The results of the treatment were instantly visible and I couldn't help but notice how shiny my hair was. The end result with all the volume and soft curls that was going on was pretty much love! Please bear in mind the pictures were taken after a good few hours :)

Although I was slightly apprehensive (as always when I visit the hairdressers) I was totally put at ease all throughout and it was great to be get the time to talk and opportunity to the professionals themselves. A big thank you to the label.m team, especially Richard and Eamonn!

The label.m Lab Remedy treatment will cost around £11.50 and will be available in major Toni & Guy salons, specially appointed concept salons, as well as Essensuals.


Tass said...

Your hair looks amazing. That's one heck of a blow dry! xx

Shortiee31 said...

@Tass - Thank you... You should have seen it when I came out of the salon! Xx

Emma Cooke said...

Oh wow, your hair looks incredible! I always watch my hairdresser like a hawk when he blowdries my hair, trying to figure out how to do it, but I can never get the same effect at home :/

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Emma Cooke said...

P.S. So happy I found your blog, I love it! Just followed you :D


Shortiee31 said...

@Emma Cooke - Thank you for your lovely comments and for following! :) said...


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