Monday, 2 April 2012

Elemis freshskin at Superdrug

Last Friday freshskin by Elemis launched at Superdrug's new Marble Arch concept store! freshskin also launched their new addition, the Super Boost moisturising serum, to their existing range which I have been using for the past month and have really been loving!

While you are here I may as well tell you a bit more about the moisturising serum and their Peachy Perfect gentle face wash... My skin was playing up for a while and after using the same skincare regime for the past year I thought it was time to switch it up - And what a difference it has made! I have switched my cleanser and moisturiser and still continue to exfoliate once a week or so.

You can use the Super Boost (£18 for 30ml) under your usual moisturiser, which is probably ideal during colder months or alone, which is what I have been doing. It contains plum oil and Vitamin E among other good things to energise my skin. I have noticed that since I have been using this my combination skin feels more matte for longer in my T-Zone area - Always a plus!

As for Peachy Perfect (£12 for 100ml) I haven't been using it long enough to give it a true and fair review but so far I am liking it! The gel lightly foams up when you rub it into your skin and has a light fresh scent to it. It contains elderflower and lemon to gentle refresh and cleanse the skin. Also I love the pump dispenser on both the products which ensure you get to every last bit of the product - You get what you pay for I guess!
The freshskin range will be available nationwide from 17th June 2012.

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