Monday, 12 March 2012

I Love... Strawberries & Milkshake

I love strawberry milkshakes too ;) I always stopped to smell the I Love... range at Superdrug but never actually bought anything - Honestly, I think it's because the price point is very low I thought it might not actually be a quality product. I was sent to try out the hand cream, a new addition to their range of body butters, shower gels etc. Here's what I think...

What's it like?
Initially it feels moisturising but it sinks in super quick and I feel like I have to reapply it again (even though I just applied it). This is exactly what I thought it would do... However, when I gave this to my Mum who loves her hand creams she actually said she liked that it doesn't feel oily etc. and sinks in straight away. Two completely different views there then!

How much and how long?
For a mere £1.99 you get a generous 75ml tube! It's available from Superdrug and large Co-Operative and Morrisons stores.

How does it smell?
Like an artificial strawberry milkshake... Quite pleasant honestly but after a while it made me feel a bit funny as the scent lingers.

Other comments:

Would I recommend it? Well I wasn't a fan of it I'm afraid but my Mum loves it! I guess you can't go wrong with it for £2 at the end of the day so check it out if fast absorbing hand creams are your thing :)

1 comment:

ayesha x said...

I've tried Jergen's body lotion and I think it might be similar to the consistency of the cream that you described - quite runny and I feel like I need to reapply after just applying.
I personally prefer an oily moisturiser for my hands as they tend to work better on my skin. However if I'm out and about, then I would probably go for a hand moisturiser with a thin consistency so that it's not as 'sticky. This is definitely a bargain at £2 and seems perfect for on the go. I'll check it out at my local superdrug :)
Great review! :)
Ayesha xxx

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