Monday, 26 March 2012

Gossip Nails

Yesterday I attended the launch party for Gossip Nails - A cosy nail salon in East London with a luxury feel. I was one of the first people to arrive and saw the true beauty of the decor etc. and it didn't disappoint! With little details such as the colour changing lights on the ceiling to the luxurious massage chairs for when you get a pedicure done, it pleases all around.

Gossip Nails were not doing nails as they only officially opened up today but there were plenty of cupcakes and champagne dotted around the salon to keep guests happy. However, I did inquire about the services they offer and got told they do Shellac and 3D nail art (love!) along with the usual false nail sets, basic colour change etc. There are three nail stations for manicures etc. and two high-tech massage chairs for pedicures etc.

It really did feel as if the salon belonged in Chelsea and not in East London - If I ever pass by and get anything done I will definitely report back on the service but I am sure it will be exceptional as I am told all of their qualified nail technicians have a minimum of 2 years experience! I was also told that all of the Gossip Nails technicians speak English fluently - This will please members of this particular Facebook group ;)
Ps. Gossip
Nails are offering 25% off all their services till 30th April 2012.

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Saz said...

Must've been exciting to attend! Would love to do something like that one day. Oh, Is that champers I see? Haha! Btw you're lush! More pics if you can! :)

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