Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Colour Xtreme Hair Art

When I was contacted to review this product I was pretty excited to review it - I have been debating whether to get some flashes of mahogany red put through my hair and thought this would be the perfect way of testing if it would work for me!

What are they?
The Colour Xtreme collection is by Lee Stafford Hair. Colour Xtreme hair art sprays and gels provide temporary colour - This stuff (unless you have light coloured hair) washes out instantly when in contact with water/shampooing your hair. They are just for the occasional night out or if you're just having a bit of fun trying something different.

How much and how long?
The hair art sprays are available from Boots for £4.07 and the hair art gels are £5.10. Not that cheap but then again if you're not going crazy with it and it is a one-off purchase it's not too bad.

Does it work?
In the pictures above I have applied some mousse for staying power and then the Pink gel (first picture) and Red spray on the left side (second picture). I layered the gel three times for intensity and I used the spray once liberally and then brushed my hair. Please note this does get messy so do it over a sink/bath tub and wear dark clothing. I did expect something quite neon to remain once brushed out but it leaves a subtle colour on my black hair.

Would I recommend it? I can see this working even better for brown hair but if you're thinking of mixing things up then do give it a go. A quick search on Google shows a few others who have tried this product too. After this experiment I have decided that I definitely want to get some flashes of colour through my hair!

* I also got sent a blue hair gel, orange spray, purple spray, blue spray and white spray - If anyone would like to try this do let me know. All I ask is £2.10 (each) to cover postage! Leave a comment and your email address and I will be in touch :) *

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PrettyAmazingK said...

Hey, I would like to try them... :)

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