Thursday, 23 February 2012

Superdrug Summer Launches

Earlier today I had made my way to Haymarket Hotel where at the beautiful Shooting Gallery the Superdrug Summer launches were taking place. There were manicures, eyebrow shaping and all sorts going on but I was most intrigued by two new brands launching to Superdrug - Glam Republic and We Are Faux.

Glam Republic will initially be launching eyeliner appliques in Superdrug in April 2012 before they expand to various other new products throughout the year. They are basically self-adhesive eyeliners which provide the most precise flicks and you can get approximately 5 wears out of them. They will be on sale for £4.99 for a single pack and £9.99 for the double, in either a black matte or glitter finish. Kaushal, the lovely lady who was telling me about the eyeliner appliques, was wearing these herself and I initially thought she was wearing regular liquid eyeliner... So it definitely does create the ultimate illusion!

We Are Faux is a new false eyelashes brand coming to Superdrug. The founder of the company, Ana, is a make-up artist herself and has worked with M.I.A and David Guetta along with many other music artists and so quite obviously knows what she's doing! We Are Faux will be stocking 10 styles (natural, glitter, studded etc.!) in Superdrug but currently have 21 styles on their website and they will be bringing out new lashes every season to add to their collection. I believe they will retail around the £9 mark (will update post once I confirm).

While looking around I also spotted these Intense Colour Lip Glosses from Accessorize, which I thought some of you guys might like! They will retail for £3.95 and will be available from 9th May 2012. Another thing I found interesting is that Superdrug are set to launch their own advanced skincare treatments - Laser hair removal, facial peels etc.! I have attached a price list below. And on a final note on something I wasn't aware of before... Superdrug offer free allergy and melanoma risk assessments along with many other clinical services. Again, I have attached a price list below.

Hope you guys are looking forward to the Spring/Summer launches as much as I am! Any questions, do ask and I will try and keep you informed :)


nazma said...

Those eyeliner stick-ons looks fab, I was hoping someone would bring out a budget version after seeing Christian Dior's rather expensive eyeliner stickers last year. Would love to buy them now but I suppose April's not too far away :)

Ashlyn said...

I think it's a really great idea!! I have a hard time making my lines perfect! This way I wouldn't have to worry!! And no smearing!! Sounds good to me!!

Shortiee31 said...

It definitely the product that got me excited the most! I am yet to try it as I am saving it for a special occasion haha! :)

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