Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter

I bought this massive 400ml tub over a year ago and have been using it on/off since. It's finally coming to an end now and therefore I figured a review was due!

What's in it and what does it do?
The main ingredients listed are Shea butter, cocoa butter and babasuu oil. TBS say this body butter is for very dry skin - And I would have to agree as it's quite heavy and has been perfect for these winter months. It has a quite a hard consistency and doesn't immediately melt upon touch, which just goes to show how thick it is!

How much and how long?
I got this for £12.50 but they no longer do the 400ml size as it was limited edition. They do however have 300ml tubs (as opposed to the 200ml tubs) which are £18.75.

How does it smell?
Pretty much just like their Shea body scrub... It has a distinctive scent of Shea butter (I think that's what it is :| ). Sadly it's not something I favour highly.

Would I buy it again? As much as I think it's a good moisturiser, I would probably buy something else because of the scent... And because I have been using this on/off for a year!
Would I recommend it? Yup, at the end of the day it a very heavy duty moisturiser :)


G A B Y said...

Whaaaaaaaaat?? They discontinued the 400ml size? Awww I'm so sad! This is the first TBS body butter I've ever tried and it's absolutely amazing for my eczema! Aww ):

Shortiee31 said...

@GABY - They only had it for a short period but it seems the 300ml is permanent! :)

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