Thursday, 26 January 2012

LUSH Creamed Almond & Coconut Smoothie

Okay, so I probably should have blogged about this earlier as this specific product has now been discontinued but who knows, they may bring it back as a retro product. I don't know if all of their shower smoothies reflect the quality of this one (may have to buy another type and see... for review purposes of course(!)) but here's what I thought of LUSH's shower smoothie!

What's in it and what does it do?
Shower smoothies are supposed to be soft soaps - A bit like a creamy shower gel I guess. It's supposed to be very moisturising and it was but I found it to be very waxy on the skin after washing it off.

How much and how long?
I got this as part of the My Fair Lady hatbox and it was a little 100g pot. The other shower smoothies are around £9 - £16 for 200g - 250g pot. A little doesn't go a long way for this product and so I use massive dollops of this - A 100g pot lasted me two weeks.

How does it smell?
When I opened this for the very first time it smelt absolutely beautiful and the name described it perfectly. Once opened in a warm shower however the scent disappeared completely and it's never been the same again - The beautiful scent has just disappeared into thin air!

Other comments:
Would I buy this myself? Nope! I will probably try another in the range though to see if it's just this one didn't work for me.
Would I recommend it? Nope, unless waxy unscented shower gels are your thing ;)


Faye said...

I didn't like this product much either, the smell just didn't linger long enough!

Shortiee31 said...

@Faye - I had such high hopes, shame it let us down!

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