Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Korres Leave On Conditioner

Before I finished using my TIGI Rockaholic leave in conditioner I started my search for a new one. My first port of call was to feelunique and immediately I found a new list of things to try there. I decided to give the Korres one a go as I haven't tried any of their haircare products before.

Price & Size
For this 150ml bottle I bought mine for £9.50 from feelunique.com. Slightly pricier than TIGI but I thought since it's Korres it would be worth it. This spray dispenses a lot of product in one pump onto the hair so you have to keep it quite far to ensure you do not overload your hair with product, which is very easy to do with this.

If you're interested in the ingredients, click here.

Absolutely hate it - Smells like strong aftershave! The scent lingers on till you next wash it as well!

The actual conditioner itself is good but I wouldn't recommend it as the scent is way too strong for my taste. I think this is a product which is going to be sitting on my shelves for quite a while as I have just been avoiding using it whenever I can!

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