Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Lash Diary - 2true

I was on the lookout for a couple of inexpensive falsies and came across these 2true Glamour Lashes. I wore them out to a surprise 60th birthday party I attended last Friday and even though they fared well, I won't be repurchasing them again.

As you can see in the blurry shot below, the Glamour lashes have a very obvious white band. This was quite tricky to cover up and I had to apply liquid eyeliner twice over them to ensure it didn't show. Another thing which has put me off buying these eyelashes again? There were a few bits of clear plastic stuck to the band of the lashes - Not something you want to put near your eyes. As I was only going to be applying them once, I carried on with the tedious task of removing them carefully and applying the lashes.

These lashes have a slight spiky look to them but are very wearable. The white band is flexible and so the ends didn't pop up even after 6 hours of wear. All the photos were taken just before midnight (and in artificial lighting) so apologies for looking/feeling tired because I certainly was! 2true Glamour lashes are available on Superdrug online for £1.99.

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