Tuesday, 25 October 2011

TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust

A sweet sounding product for a slightly Halloween week theme :) Prior to using Sugar Dust, I had never tried a root powder before. It's a very interesting product/concept but honestly thought it wouldn't do much - But I have to admit, I was slightly wrong there!

What does it do?
It's an 'invisible micro texture root powder' which gives a little lift/volume to the hair, adding texture to help the hold. I used this on second day hair and found it did give me a nice bit of volume after applying this and almost massaging my scalp lightly. It also claims to absorb oil in the hair - Maybe it's because I used this in very small quantities but this didn't absorb anything for me! Oh and yes, this was invisible upon my black hair.

How much and for how long?
Cheapest I have found it for is £9.35 from feelunique.com. You get a mere 1g of product - When I received this I initially thought all the product has been tipped out and it was empty as it definitely feels like it (nothing had come out though)!

How does it smell?
I wanted it to smell of something sweet but I couldn't detect anything.

Other comments:
I would imagine you would get better results with a bit of backcombing and that it would last longer but I try to avoid backcombing regularly.
Would I buy it myself? As much as I like this product I don't think I would buy it because of the price/quantity. I wouldn't mind paying £10 but I honestly feel as if I am not getting enough product.
Would I recommend it? If the price/quantity doesn't bother you then yes! :)


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I was looking at this - it's on offer as a freebie on Feelunique with purchase of two products but I've not been that keen on these kinds of dusts before, some of the other freebies look good too.

Shortiee31 said...

@Lucy - Yup, there's quite a good selection to pick from :)

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