Thursday, 15 September 2011

Toni & Guy Tourmaline Wave & Curl Tong

I had been on the lookout for a large barrel tong/curler for a while now but only recently came across one that was in the price range I was looking for and met my requirements. So today I will be reviewing Toni & Guy's Tourmaline Wave & Curl Tong.

Are there adjustable heat settings?
Once again there are 25 different heat settings which you can choose from and it can heat up to 180c. In the picture below I put it on just above 15 for volume and light waves/flicks/curls to the hair. If you use a higher setting you can get large, loose curls (depending on how long your hair is).

How long does it take to heat up?
It heats up pretty quickly - Under a minute. There is a light indicator which flashes when heating up and remains at a steady red to show you when it's ready for use.

How long do you hold it for?
Once my hair is around the barrel I hold it for about 8 seconds before I unravel it again. If you want more curls than waves then you should probably hold it for a few extra seconds.

How much and where from?
You can get this from any Toni & Guy stockists for £19.99. I bought mine from Amazon for £14.30 though :) It comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Other information/comments:
There is a round cool tip at the top which came into good use. Like some of their other stylers, it uses Tourmaline technology which helps prevent colour loss and gives a smooth shiny finish. The tong itself is not that heavy to hold. This also comes with a 3m swivel cord.

I found that the waves/curls and the volume didn't last that long (without any product) which was slightly disappointing, as it gives almost a 'blow dried' hair look. I wanted super loose curls and with a 38mm barrel, I got that with this tong :)

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