Saturday, 13 August 2011

Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Waver

This, my friends, is the affordable alternative to the latest hair tool that's been doing its rounds in the blogging world... Yes, I am talking about Enrapture's Amplify Jumbo Waver! Since I set my eyes on the waving iron (not crimping, there's a difference!) I wanted to get my hands on it. Once I found out it will cost £75 I was slightly heartbroken - No way was I going to spend that much on a waver, only on a pair of straighteners *cough* ghd's. So in came Toni & Guy's Deep Barrel Waver and I was a happy lady once again :)

Are there adjustable heat settings?
There are 25 different heat settings which you can choose from and it can heat up to 180c. In the pictures below I put it on 20 to achieve the ultimate beach waves! If you want really soft waves then just opt for a lower setting.

How long does it take to heat up?
It heats up pretty quickly at just under a minute :) There is of course a little light indicator to let you know that it's turned on.

How long do you hold it for?
In the little instruction booklet it says to place the hair in between the ceramic plates for 5-8 seconds (for fine hair). I held it for 5 seconds which was perfect even though my hair is not that fine but for thicker hair you would probably need around 10 seconds.

How much and where from?
You can get this from any Toni & Guy stockists for £39.99 from September 2011. I would recommend checking this out on Amazon where you could probably get a nice little discount :) It also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Other information/comments:
There is a cool tip which some may find handy but I didn't use/need it. I really liked the fact it comes with a lock function, so the plates can remain closed when not in use. It uses Tourmaline technology which helps prevent colour loss and gives a smooth shiny finish. It also has a handy 3m swivel cord (I despise stylers with short cords so I appreciate this)! The styler itself is not that heavy.

I am trying to find a fault with these but I can't - The waver gave me plenty of volume and the perfect beach waves, which lasted exceptionally well for 2 whole days. If you're looking to create soft waves or beach wavy hair then I would highly recommend checking this out :)


Danielle said...

I need these in my life! Great post :)

shanice said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I seriously need to try this, all the curlers I've tried give me ringlets instead of nice beachy wayves - not a good look!x

The Nerd... said...

Ooh I love the result! I may have to check this out. :)

Ella Victoria said...

Lovely hair!!


Shortiee31 said...

Thanks guys :)

terezamac said...

Hi there I am looking for 1920s style finger type waves. I know the wavers that are not deep will not create the look I want, so just wondering if the deep waver will? I love my hot rollers but it is so time consuming.

Shortiee31 said...

@terezamac - I have never attempted to do so but I don't think it would create the small finger style waves x

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