Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sibu Repair & Protect

It's time for another face cream review from my Mother today. She's been using Sibu's Repair & Protect daytime facial cream for the past couple of months now and had asked me if I was ready for her opinions haha - And of course I said yes!

Mum said she liked that the cream was light and moisturising enough to use in the warmer months but didn't think it would be suitable enough for the cooler climates. It sinks into the skin quickly so there was no oily residue. However, once again, she didn't notice any great changes in her skin even though it is an anti-ageing face cream.

Mum also said she liked the glass bottle and the pump which ensured every bit of the cream was used up and that there was no wastage. She really appreciated the fact it contains a 100% natural ingredients but was put off the scent (I agree with this - It's an unusual scent), which is why she said she probably wouldn't purchase this again.

You can buy this cream from Nutri Centre for around £20.45 for 30ml.

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