Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mini Reviews for Mini Products - 1

I have quite a few travel sized products which I picked up before my holiday and also accumulated through blogger/press/PR events' goody bags. Instead of doing separate reviews which will take an age, I thought I'd do some mini reviews on them :) Do expect another post or two on more mini products!

Charles Worthington Takeaway Sunshine - It claims to be an intensive treatment but my hair didn't feel amazingly conditioned during/after at all. Has a light consistency and has no obvious scent. Love the bright packaging but personally wouldn't recommend. 50ml, 99p from Superdrug.

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle - People rave about this but I don't think I know how to use it properly. Gives a little bit of volume which only lasts a few hours. I found it's perfect for 'sculpting' your hair a certain way though. Has that nice, distinctive scent that most UG products have. Would recommend you try it and may consider purchasing it. 30ml, £1.99 from Boots.

Superdrug's Coconut & Shea Butter body lotion - Moisturises well even though it has a very light consistency. Light, sweet scent of coconut. I feel as if it could do with more natural ingredients though. Probably won't purchase again but would recommend you try it. 50ml, 99p from Superdrug.

TBS Sweet Lemon body scrub - Perfect for holidays and hot climates. Fresh, clean lemon scent. Moisturises lightly but no greasy feeling after. Is a perfect combo with the Sweet Lemon shower gel. Abrasive enough to say I will purchase again. 50ml, £5 (currently on offer £3.50) from The Body Shop.


Amy said...

I love The Body Shop scrubs, I have the pink grapefruit one and it's brilliant xx

Kirsty F said...

body shop body butters and scrubs are amazing! always get my skin in tip top condition!

fab post, its great to try before you buy... or have someone do it for you! lol

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