Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Lash Diary - Superdrug LASH Pod

Today signifies the beginning of a new series which I am introducing to my blog - The Lash Diary. I have accumulated lots of pretty false eyelashes and thought this would be a great way of comparing and reviewing them all. To kick start the Lash Diary, today I am going to talk about Superdrug's event, which took place on Friday evening on the iconic London Eye to promote their new LASH false eyelashes.

I met up with ChantelleMakeup1 before the event and we went to Yo Sushi! to fill our bellies before we headed off to meet the other bloggers (including VexInTheCity and MouldyFruit) and the PR girls on the pod. Once we were on the pod, eyelashes at the ready, we all sat down to get our chosen eyelashes applied for us. I was slightly apprehensive about getting them applied while "on the move" but it wasn't too bad. My eyes were watering a lot but this was due to application (all fingers, no tweezers, lack of instruction as to where to look) - But after a while all was well. All the ladies present were lashed up within the 30 minutes!

I choose the Natural Edition 11 so I can wear them with confidence knowing I won't look like a drag queen haha. I will do a more in depth review on this later on in the series :) Overall I had a lovely time and I think the whole idea of placing the LASH pod on the London Eye was pure genius!


Lilley said...

You look gorgeous! Such a creative idea - having the lashes done in the LE Pod! x


Hell Candy Make Up said...

Would have loved to have gone to this but unfortunately had a work team building afternoon to attend...looks like you had lots of fun though!

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