Saturday, 23 July 2011

GOSH Nail Glitters

Last week GOSH finally released their nail glitters and I popped to Superdrug on Wednesday to get my hands on a pot! I only saw about 6 (out of the 10) on the stand and bought 03 Grey Moonstone to try out. This stuff is surprisingly easy to use and after seeing Holly's post on these I opted for a French manicure style to start out with - But next time I am going all out!

I applied my chosen base colour, used a clear nail polish to paint the tips, dipped my finger into the pot of glitter and tapped the excess onto a paper (to put back in the pot later). Once I had applied the glitter to all my fingers I used a top coat to seal it. If you wipe the brush on a piece of paper or towel before you dip it back in then there won't be much glitter transfer. Gently wash the skin around your nails and all the glitter will wash off straight away.

Grey Moonstone has a dark grey, dusty, glittery appearance at first but once the top coat is on it transforms into a black base with silver & blue shimmers... Looking very cosmic! :)

Products used:
- Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle
- Models Own Mushroom
- GOSH Nail Glitter in 03 Grey Moonstone
- Andrea Fulerton Gloss Up Overcoat


Charlie said...

i love these glitters i have the pink one! it looks great! i never thought of the french mani but this is a great look!

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

This blog is amazing.Thanks for sharing.

nail glitter

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