Sunday, 15 May 2011

Aqua Sheko Fish Spa

On Thursday I visited the Aqua Sheko fish spa in Soho, close to Chinatown. Aqua Sheko was the very first fish spa to open in London. I had never been to a fish spa before, so I opted for the Deluxe Hands Package, which included a 25 minute fish manicure along with a 20 minute head & shoulder massage. I wanted to try the fish manicure over a pedicure as I haven't come across any reviews on it (and I am not to keen on feet...)!

I was greeted by a lovely lady called Ruffina who allowed me to start my fish manicure straight away... Even though I was 30 minutes early! She talked me through the process and made me feel at ease, as I was slightly apprehensive about feeding my hands to the little Garra Rufa fishes haha. I asked Ruffina if Aqua Sheko have had any celebrity clients, to which she told me that Paloma Faith, The Saturdays and Leslie Mann are just a few who have visited Aqua Sheko. I also found out that the fish liked cucumber but they much prefer dead skin ;)

Fish manicure
I found it to be a strangely relaxing experience - Ruffina told me this was because the sucking stimulates your pulse points. The 25 minutes flew by as I was mesmerised by looking at the fishes and listening to the oxygenated water gently trickling into the tank. My hands weren't that dry to start with but they genuinely seemed softer than what it had been before. I would assume you would get even better results from a pedicure though.

The massage
After the manicure my masseur, Andras, gave me the perfect neck & shoulder massage. He applied plenty of pressure but made sure that it was fine by me - Which it was! Dare I say it, I may have perhaps enjoyed the massage a tad more than the fish manicure! I left the spa feeling very calm and totally relaxed after Andras massaged the tension out of my shoulders :)

With an all black interior, as well as exterior, the Aqua Sheko spa really stands out next to its neighbouring stores. The darkness of the interior made me feel very relaxed and I could have easily fallen asleep while sitting in the massage chair! All the furnishings are very sleek & stylish, which I really liked.

The Deluxe package costs £45 but they do offer a similar deal for £30, which is the Energiser hands package - 15 minute hand fish therapy and 10 minute head & shoulder massage. Of course you could always have some time with the fishes alone - £17 for 15 minutes and £27 for 25 minutes. You can view the full treatment menu here.

Out of 5?
I would give it a 4 - As the first fish spa in London, these guys know what they are doing and how to do it. It's a brilliant experience which everyone has to try - Which is why I am planning on taking my Mother soon. I would definitely recommend it to all you ladies & gentlemen and would happily do it again. It is slightly pricey which is why I knocked of 1 rating but to be honest that's just the sort of prices you get in Central London! :)

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Amy said...

Haha, thats so cool and kinda scary! I might go try it when im in central next :D

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