Friday, 13 May 2011

Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to get a manicure by Lena, who works at the Andrea Fulerton boutique in Superdrug, Westfield. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and requested a mix 'n' match design, which Lena patiently created for me. As I was walking around the other stands I got plenty of compliments - Thank you Lena! I tried to keep a close eye as to what products were used (listed below). I have also included an image of the price list (end of post) which I picked up in Westfield yesterday as I tried to look for it online and couldn't find one :)

Products used:
- AF Pre-Varnish Prep
- AF Lily nail colour (hot pink, base colour)
- AF Annie nail colour (silver, middle finger)
- AF Stripe & Sparkle in Pattie (black, on thumb, middle finger and pinky)
- AF Stripe & Sparkle in Brooke (silver, on thumb)
- AF Crystal Gemstones (ring finger)
- AF Glitter Puff Dusts & Gloss Up Overcoat (silver glitter, on index finger)
- AF Gemstone Overcoat (pinky)
- AF Quick Dry

Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique bar prices:

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