Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Palmer's Strong Roots Spray

The full name? Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray.
I have been using this for the past couple of weeks and it beats LUSH's Snake Oil scalp massage by far!

What's in it and what does it do?

It contains pure coconut, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. It claims to moisturise the hair & scalp, freshen the hair and sooth tightness & itch. I suffer from dry scalp whenever the weather changes, especially in the Winter and this product really helps and lives up to its claims! It suggests you use this before styling but I prefer spraying it liberally all over my scalp/roots a few hours before washing my hair and it works just as well :)

How does it feel?
The peppermint oil makes my scalp feel very cool, easing the dry, tight feeling. The peppermint oil apparently stimulates the scalp, promoting hair growth, which is good to hear.

How much and for how long?
For a 150ml bottle it costs £3.49 from Sally beauty stores. A bottle should last me a good two months at least.

How does it smell?
A mixture of coconut and peppermint oil - It smells very refreshing. Way better than the horrible smell of LUSH Snake Oil haha.

Other comments:
Would I buy it myself? Yes, most definitely :) The spray bottle makes it much easier to apply too... Can't fault this stuff!
Would I recommend it? If you have a dry/tight/itchy scalp then yes!


Sherrie said...

This looks fab! I dont like the Lush Snake oil is smells foul! I will keep an eye for this as I hae a terrible sensitive scalp :) thanks for sharing! x

The Mighty J said...

Sounds interesting.

Hannan said...

It works well for conditioning and cooling my scalp. I'm growing out my hair and wearing cornrows so my scalp is exposed to the elements and can get very dry, this is a much better alternative for moisturizing my scalp without any grease

Hannan said...

I'm growing out my hair, so I've been wearing cornrows and so my salp is exposed to the elements and have been getting really dry lately. I like this as a way to moisturize and soothe my scalp without adding any greasiness to it.

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