Thursday, 7 April 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Infusion Hair Mask

Wow, this product exceeded my expectations by far! Nearly everything about it is so perfect... *happy sigh*.

What's in it and what does it do?
The key ingredients consist of chocolate (always a good thing), kukui oil and honey. It provided me an intense conditioning treatment, like it set out to do and left my hair feeling super soft and healthy! I thought it would just leave my hair smelling nice but the mask really worked, so I was pleased :)

How much and how long?
You really do need to use the whole packet in one go but I couldn't help attempting to get 2 uses out of it. One packet costs £1.01, which I guess is not bad for how amazing this is.

How does it smell?
Just like a rich hot chocolate drink. Yum!

Other comments:
Would I buy it again? For a mini treat and if my hair needs a little kick? Yes :)
Would I recommend it? If you love chocolate.. Hell yeah!


Dani said...

May pick this up later :D I've always refrained from buying the chocolate face mask though because I'm worried I'll just try to eat it... xx

Charlene said...

I have only one of these masks and it is the pink grapefruit one. Thanks for sharing will have to try and find this too :)

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