Saturday, 30 April 2011

Aqua Sculpture Day Spa

Edit/Update: Ok so it seems other people had bad experiences too because apparently the spa closed down in April 2011! :|

Sometime last year I had booked the £25 Wahanda mobdeal for the Universal Contour Wrap Treatment at Aqua Sculpture Day Spa. My experience was pretty bad and seeing as I wanted to write a review on Wahanda's website I thought I may as well do a blog post on it :)

Pictures obtained from Wahanda's website.

The booking was a horrific process (will try and keep it short & sweet). I bought a voucher for my cousin and we wanted to go together to have the treatment. The receptionist (a lovely gentleman) said we couldn't, so we decided to have it one after the other. When I rang up the day before to confirm, they said everything was fine as discussed. When I actually got there the (same) receptionist said that my cousin was booked in the same time as me! She therefore was told she was late for the treatment.. When we had explained for the situation they were adamant that they were correct and we were in the wrong and no apology was given!

I had a lovely young lady who put me at ease and explained what she was doing throughout the process of taking my initial measurements and applying the cold wet clay wraps around my body. This Universal Contour Wrap claims that every person will lose a total of 6 inches. I for one know I didn't as my clothes felt exactly the same and this was proven by the fact I heard my therapist calculating how to make 6 inches under her breath haha. After I left the salon I realised they didn't give me my inch loss measurement card!

Me in my spacesuit, feeling very warm!

As seen by the first two photos above, the actual treatment room and the waiting area had a nice decor and ambiance. I wasn't to impressed by the entrance of the spa however, as it looked slightly clinical.

The treatment originally costs £75 but through the Wahanda mobdeal I paid £25 (each). In my opinion, this treatment isn't even worth £5. My cousin had a lovely therapist too but from booking to the final measurement results, it just all seems a bit of a shambles. The whole treatment (including the measuring process) takes one hour.

Out of 5?
I would probably give it a 2 - One for the lovely therapist and another one for the ambiance. We were both disappointed with the treatment and agreed we wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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