Saturday, 19 March 2011

Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo

*Happy sigh* How could I not love a product that blends in beautifully with my en suite? Yes, love for the packaging strikes again... Now onto the actual product itself!

Good thoughts:
  • Very fine particles of dry shampoo allows for very easy blending (even for those with black hair like myself)!
  • Has a pleasant scent which doesn't make me feel a bit queasy after a while (Batiste, I am looking at you).
  • Doesn't completely dry out your roots, giving a natural 'first day hair' look.
  • Gives a really good texture and therefore hold to the hair.
  • Beautiful packaging to go with their 'Glam Hair' range.
Bad thoughts:
  • Scent can linger - As I quite like the scent, this doesn't bother me though!
  • After 5+ uses the bottle feels quite empty... I can't see this lasting me very long :(
  • Product build up - I believe this is the case with all dry shampoo's and excessive hair products though.
Would I buy it myself? Yes - It is slightly pricey for a dry shampoo (£5.61 for 200ml) but I think because of the quality, it can be justified!
Would I recommend it? If you have dark hair and you've had a bit of a difficult time with other dry shampoo's then I would say "give this a go!" :)

You can buy Umberto Giannini hair products from Boots. There is currently a 3 for £10 on their selected products, so now may be the time to try it out if you're interested :)

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