Monday, 14 March 2011

TBS Buriti Baby Body Butter

That's a whole lot of B's... Anyway, this review is a product rave (completely opposite to my last review)! I can't find much faults with this product; it's just beautiful and I'll tell you why...

What's in it and what does it do?
Buriti oil, olive oil and Shea butter are some of the ingredients that make up this beaut and soften the skin. This body butter is actually aimed for babies but once I picked up the sample pot and sniffed this, I couldn't go home without one! It just applies so easily and sinks into the skin after a few seconds. I am pleased that it does moisturise very well but feels light on the skin!

How much and how long?
I picked up the 50ml travel size tub for £5 but they also have a 200ml tub for £12.50. This should last about 3 weeks as I don't need to use much of it.

How does it smell?
It smells like a nicer version Johnsons & Johnsons baby lotion! I really like the softness of this scent.

Other comments:
The body butter itself feels quite 'spongy' and not like butter... This is not a good/bad thing but I just thought I'd mention it.
Would I buy it again? Yes, the next time I go to TBS I will be buying a 200ml tub!
Would I recommend it? Yup, just because it's aimed at babies doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go!

A close up of the body butter:

1 comment:

Jen said...

I love this Body Butter!! When I worked at TBS this was my fave as it sank in really quickly and you can still wear your perfume on top :-) x x

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