Friday, 11 February 2011

Nail Rock Metallic Red

This one is perfect for Valentine's Day - whether you will be celebrating it or not! When the light catches it, it really comes alive and looks absolutely stunning! I managed to apply it a little bit quicker this time but I still couldn't help creasing the sides a bit (I genuinely think it's my crap application skills though).

Removal of these nail wraps are so simple and it doesn't damage your nails. Do give them a go yourselves before you write them off! You can get this for £6.65 from ASOS, Powder Rooms and of course, Topshop :)


Sophie Isobel said...

They look great! Perfect for Valentines :)

Aysh said...

Wow, they look so hot! :)

Love Aysh xoxo

Jennifer Leigh said...

Wow those are shiny! Awesome Valentine's mani :)

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