Saturday, 26 February 2011

LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I have had this amazing thing for months and reach out for it every now and then but thought I'd share my views with you now :)

What's in it and w
hat does it do?
It contains lots of essential oils and other good things - You can view the whole list of ingredients here. I like to use/keep my shower jelly in one piece but you can crush it into bits and use it that way, if you want. The shower jelly is basically a shower gel in jelly form.. I have to admit, I was (am) pretty assumed and I am not a 5 year old, which shows anyone can use it ;) I found this to be pretty moisturising, so I am very pleased - Those essential oils do work!

How much and how long?
I got the small pot for £2.85 as I just wanted to try it out. You can however get a larger 240g pot for £5.70. This will last me a very long time as I only use about twice a month (don't want to kill the novelty now do I?!)

How does it smell?
Ribena - end of. The smell does linger for a very long time on the hands but leaves a light, sweet scent on the skin.

Other comments:
Would I buy it again? Probably not to be honest! I just wanted to try it and I am very glad I did. I think it's slightly too inconvenient for everyday use...
Would I recommend it? Yes! Everyone has to give this a go ;) If you have kids... They are going to LOVE bath time!

A close up of the shower jelly - it really does have the consistency of real jelly:

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Sophie Isobel said...

I always poke these when I'm in Lush :P
Will have to give it a go sometime

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