Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nail Rock Gold Lace

Before I start, I have to warn you.. The picture below is a close up of my nails and in real life it really doesn't look this bad. This was taken after 3 days of wear - Plenty of contact with water there! I must have got well over 10 compliments over the course of the week, from young girls to old gentlemen, so it's definitely been a hit!

Only downside is that I struggled to get the tips smooth, so it catches on clothing a bit but apart from that they lasted for a whole week so I would recommend them. You definitely need a concentrated heat source for this... Which is why I bought the travel hairdryer after failing the first time I tried to apply this!

These are perfect for parties and special occasions but if you're like me then it's guaranteed to get attention everyday ;) I got this for £6.50 in December, now £6.65 from ASOS. You can also get them from Powder Rooms and of course, Topshop!

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