Sunday, 16 January 2011

Models Own's Amazing Customer Service

I have blogged about brilliant customer service from lovely LUSH before... And recently I've had yet another outstanding service - This time from Models Own! A few weeks back I was using the brush side of my black nail art pen, when the brush came off in one big chunk. Having only used this a couple of times I wasn't pleased. I purchased the black one myself and got the white one sent for sample (which worked perfectly) so was pretty disappointed.

I sent MO an email and they replied back apologising and offering to replace the product for me after I showed them what happened. Another nail art pen was sent to me the very next day! Also, I have emailed MO on 3 separate occasions before and have noticed that I had received responses all within 10 minutes - How good is that?!
A very big well done and thank-you Models Own :)

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fern said...

Oh' that was so cool! I am sure many will get interested about this. Customers do not expect perfection, however, they do require a sincere and consistent effort on their behalf. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Looking forward for your next post.

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