Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Models Own & Fabulous Makeup Kit Review

So the sun finally made an appearance yesterday and so I decided to give the kit a whirl... Sadly it didn't go to well, which is why there is no FOTD with it.

The dark brown eyeshadow looked dull on me and was a bit chalky, the light highlighter colour was nice and smooth though. The eyeliner is stiff and doesn't perform well at all... It actually started irritating my eyes and smelt very 'fake'. The eyelash curler didn't do much for me and the mascara is ok for a light natural look but it wasn't doing it for me.

The tweezers however was the top performer for me. It works very well and does a great job at getting all those little hairs!
I guess for £2 you can't expect too much but I can't help being oh-so slightly disappointed...

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