Saturday, 8 January 2011

Free Models Own Makeup!

It's worth £24 and all you need to do is collect 2 out of the 3 tokens available from the Fabulous magazine (inside Sunday's News of the World newspaper) over the next 3 weeks.
You can get the tokens on the 9th January (tomorrow!), 16th January or 23rd January. Just take your 2 tokens to your nearest selected Tesco store and voila - Your free eye makeup kit! You can find out more info here if you need it :)
I believe the newspaper is priced at £1 (please don't quote me) so this is quite a bargain.

As you can see I have already been sent the kit above and I will be trying it out to see what it's like! Given that the natural daylight actually appears over the next week, I will try and do a FOTD with it :) Also Fabulous and Models Own have released a TV ad which you can see here... I'm not going to lie, I did LOL!

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