Thursday, 9 December 2010

Elysambre Short Lashes Mascara

I did a mini review on this mascara back in July, here.. Fast forward about 5 months and I've been reaching for this nearly everyday! It still gives you a natural look but I am going through a phase where that's all I want :) Now here's a bit more about it...

Good thoughts:
  • Made up of 99% natural ingredients
  • Expensive looking copper case
  • Refillable mascara tube
  • Gives a little length and lights lifts the lashes
  • Provides a natural look
  • The brush isn't scratchy
  • Water based mascara so it's apparently suitable for sensitive skin
Bad thoughts:
  • The big brush makes it hard to not get a little bit of mascara on the eye lids
  • Smells a little like fairy liquid
Would I buy it again? I can't remember the actual price as I bought it about a year ago now.. I think it came just under £20... For that reason, I probably wouldn't buy it again.
Would I recommend it? If you have sensitive skin, a few extra pennies in your pocket or you're a lover of organic/natural makeup, then I would recommend this highly :) It is quite hard to find but I got mine from the Nutri Centre.

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