Sunday, 19 December 2010

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Stickers

The first time I tried this was on myself, with a top coat (as recommend on the back) - This turned out to be a disaster. The second time I gave this a go was on my lovely Mum, without a top coat. She loved it.. And I loved it!

My nails are a bit curvy and not as flat as my Mum's, so application was a lot easier on her. The sides didn't make creases and everything was lovely and smooth. It looks perfect for about 2 days, if you're very careful with them, but lasts for about 5. Removal was bliss - Just peel off!
You get three sheets/applications in each pack... Though if you cut them to fit each nail precisely then you could get six! Or a full mani/pedi from each sheet :)
These nail stickers are a great alternative to Minx and are much cheaper than their other rivals such as Nail Rock and Rebel nails.
I bought mine from Superdrug for £5.99 but every time I've been there, there's a 3 for 2 offer going on! They have quite a few designs, which is perfect for all the Christmas parties etc.!


Plaisir De Fleurs❀ said...

i love those! perfect for the holidays x

Janaka said...

Ohhhh i really like this xx

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