Sunday, 14 November 2010

TBS Delipscious Lip Products

Back in June when I couldn't attend The Body Shop's event, I was sent the goody bag which included some of their new products that they would be releasing for the summer (late, I know)! Two of the products in the bag was their Delipscious tinted lip balm and the Delipscious sheer lip colour.
Left: 01 Sheer Lychee, Right: 03 Berry Crush.

What's in it?
Ahh, now this is what makes this product different to all the other lip products out there. These lip balms and lip colours (lipsticks to you and me) are made with 100% food grade ingredients. This basically means you won't be consuming any chemicals like you usually would with other lip products!

How does it feel?
Both contain Cocoa Butter and 'super rich emollients and skin conditioners' to keep your lips moisturised. I am pleased to say that they do work, unlike their normal lip colours.

How much does it cost?
The lip colour is £9 (2g) for the lip colour and £7 (4.2g) for the lip balm. I was expecting them to be priced slightly higher given that they were made with 100% food grade ingredients, so was pretty surprised when I found out how much they were!

How many colours in the range?
9 shades for the lip colour and 4 shades for the lip balms.

How does it smell?
They both have a very fruit scent to them.. I think it's passion fruit? The lip colour smells lighter than the lip balm, which has a stronger scent to it. I much prefer the lightness of the lip colour though!

Other comments:
Would I buy it again? I would be more likely to buy the lip colour than the lip balm again.. Personally, the stronger scent puts me off (but that's probably just me).
Would I recommend it? Yes, especially if you're looking for a moisturising lipstick! I personally would wait for their Christmas sale to get it for an even better price :)

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