Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mavala Nail Polish Thinner

This stuff... Is a God send! Many people have advised me over the years to use nail polish remover to thin out my gloopy nail polish but after being told it does it 'more harm than good', I didn't dare to do it again. I decided to invest in Mavala's Nail Polish Thinner as it's the only one I could find for a reasonable price AND in the UK.

I had a nail polish stripper which was completely dried out but I was willing to revive it.. About 30 drops later it appeared to be brand new! Obviously if you have a gloopy nail polish and not a dried out one, you will only require about 5 drops max. for it work its magic!

I got mine for a pleasing £4.70 from who's service has never let me down - Well done! I highly recommend this for any nail polish lover :)


Sophie said...

sounds good! also did you do the post on that h&m dress? because i bought it and i love it! perfect, thank you for sharing xxx

Shortiee31 said...

H&M dress.. Nope I don't think I did lol x

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