Sunday, 3 October 2010

Viva La Nails Review

Like a few other bloggers, I too ordered the sample pack from Viva La Nails a good few months ago. I will now share my mixed views on the products I have tried... But before I start, please bear in mind I am simply an amateur when it comes to nails :)

Nail stickers - Wide range of designs in both black/white as well as colour. Doesn't adhere to the nails easily as the clear sheet is a bit thick and therefore it requires quite a lot of top coat. Didn't last that long on my nails whenever I have used them. The stickers itself also chips off a lot, even after a few hours of wear.

Water decals - The best product they have in my opinion! Very easy to use and looks like you have painted them on yourself. Designs appear to be very intricate. Lasts a very long time on the nails.

Dazzlings, rhinestones and pearls
- They are just the right size to ensure they are not knocked off the nails. Secured with a bit of top coat, it will last days. Wide range of shapes and colours will allow you to get really creative!

Sliced fimo canes - I purchased these myself a while ago - Blog post here. They have various amounts of other shapes and colours. Requires a lot of top coat but lasts quite a while!

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Amina said...

love how u do ur nails x

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