Thursday, 28 October 2010

Random Accessories Haul

If you know me reasonably well, you will know that I avoid wearing gold at all costs (except on my eyes... sometimes). I honestly think I look horrible when I wear gold - Don't ask. Lately however, I've purchased a cardigan and a vest top with gold buttons/detailing. Obviously I would feel a bit of a fool wearing that and silver jewellery so I decided to go shopping for some gold that I actually wouldn't mind wearing - It suprisingly went well!

Earrings - New Look. Trio of silver rings - Oasis. Long gold necklace with pearl and laces - New Look. Gold lower cluster ring - New Look.
I am pretty impressed with New Look's range of nice bright gold and inexpensive jewellery :)
I also went to one of those cluttered cheap clothing stores to check get some hairbands. Convienently, they were having a sale! I got the grey lace headband for £1 and the navy blue flower headband for £2. I plan on transforming them into hairbands to make it more wearable though ;)

1 comment:

kirstyb said...

love what you bought xx

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