Saturday, 2 October 2010

LUSH Ooh La La Soap

I am beyond disappointed that this soap has been discontinued and I have only just discovered it! When I used to order LUSH online I received a few samples of their soap and this is just one of them I have got around to trying it out.

It's infused with lavender and lots of other good things but I can't get enough of the gorgeous scent! I love how when it washes off there's a whole load of purple water/soap bubbles left standing under me... Don't know why ha! Oh LUSH, why don't you have this in the retro section at least... :(
Can anyone recommend a good LUSH replacement? - If any!


Catanya said...

I love everything from Lush, to be honest! I have to make an order now that the Christmas stuff is out!

anik said...

not a soap but a bubble bar "French Kiss" is having a similar scent

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