Saturday, 16 October 2010

John Frieda Root Awakening Range

I have been using these products for just under a week and I love them already! Whether or not they strengthen my hair remains to be seen but I have decided I am going to commit to the 'system' for a couple of months - Need to buy the conditioner and then I will be reporting back, so watch out for that :)

Price & size:
Everything in the Root Awakening range is £4.79. There is currently an offer for 3 for 2 at Boots on selected hair care and John Frieda is one of them! The shampoo and I believe the conditioner is 250ml and the leave-in spray is 200ml.

On the bottle and what I can understand of it, it has eucalyptus and essential oils in it. I love any shampoo with oils in it (see previous reviews here and here) as it really seems to work for me when it comes to nourishing my hair and still yet, leaving it nice and clean. My hair doesn't look and feel that greasy on it's 2nd day... Even when spraying the leave-in spray at the roots after washing it!

This is the major selling point for me! I've always adored the smell of eucalyptus oil and always whip it out whenever I am feeling under the weather. The smell of these products however personally remind me of After Eight's - Mmmmmm :)

Other comments:
According to the press release I received, I am meant to experience a tingling sensation with the shampoo - I felt nothing whatsoever, which pleases me greatly! My hair does feel soft, light and lovely and that's all that matters haha. The leave-in spray works really well as I can comb my hair with ease after using it.

Yes! - Unless you despise the smell of After Eight's, eucalyptus or any other minty yumminess... Also please bear in mind, I am using the shampoo for dry hair.
John Frieda also have a little competition to promote their Root Awakening range which you might want to check on Facebook here.

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Cassandra said...

I've tried that series as well and it smells so good!!

New follower!:D


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