Wednesday, 20 October 2010

John Frieda Product Launch Event

Last night I went to the launch of John Frieda's latest product range - Precision Foam Colour. Yes, you read that right... John Frieda have finally brought out their own hair colourants after specialising in hair colour for nearly 12 years!
The event took place at the stunning The May Fair Hotel in London. The demo and the talk took place within the gorgeous Amarillo suite... How I would have loved to stay there for the night *big sigh*!
Moving onto the product itself... It was demonstrated on a model who applied the Precision Foam Colour all by herself. She applied the product with ease but she definitely looked like she hadn't applied it before (as she looked for reassurance from the JF team) - Which I thought was really good, as it showed how straightforward it appears to be! There's also a how-to video here, which you can use for guidance. After about 30 mins we were invited to inspect her hair closely and the colour was shiny, even and looked very naturally beautiful!

Some of the key things that stood out to me during the talk were....
  • It's a foam! Most foam/mousse hair dye's are semi-permanent but this one is simply permanent.
  • It's non-drip - Because of the light, foamy texture the model (who has long hair) managed to use the foam and 'put it up' in a bun! She also managed to cover the back of her head easily, without it going all down her neck.
  • One bottle = 2 litres of foam. When you massage the foam into your hair like a shampoo, it 'enlarges' and helps the dye spread evenly.
  • It's unlikely that you will need to buy 2 boxes if you have long/thick hair, whereas with nearly all home dyes you would have to. The model actually didn't end up finishing her bottle!
  • Covers greys - I inspected and saw nothing :)
  • The dye is very unlikely to stain on your skin if you remove it swiftly.

I haven't got much else to say as I haven't used it myself... I may give it whirl but as you know I don't really colour my hair (very tempted though). Going by my friend's and family's past experiences with home dye, it never really seems too positive but this comes across as a revolutionary product that I'll recommend highly to them!,
The product will retail for £9.99 and will be available from November 3rd.

PS. Thank-you Holler PR and the John Frieda team for the invite and the talk!

PPS. Keep an eye on John Frieda's Facebook page as they are nearly always having some sort of offer/giveaway going on or coming up!

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Aysh said...

Heya hun, hope your well. Great post, I am a bit of a hair colour addict and love John Frieda products so loved hearing about this! Oh and thnx for letting us know about the promo on facebook! I've just enetered...Aww realy hope I get one!!! :) thnx again hun!


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