Thursday, 9 September 2010

TIGI Rockaholic Detangler

It's actually called TIGI Rockaholic - Born To Rock Leave-in Detangler and Defrizzer but no way was that going to fit in the title box!
My haircare routine hasn't changed much from last year's blog post but two things that will always change is my shampoo and leave-in conditioner. This one was due for a review as I've been using it for a quite a few months now :)

Price & Size
For 200ml I bought mine for £7.25 from which I think is very reasonable considering it includes P&P too. It lasts me a good few months and I use 25+ sprays every other day! Yes it's a bit pricey but secretly when it comes to leave-in conditioners I think it's quite worth it (to an extent!)

If you're interested in the ingredients, click here.

Smells slightly sweet and fruity. Smells exactly the same as their S-Factor Body Booster plumping spray... Personally I am not overly keen on it but it doesn't linger, which is always a good thing!

Yes! My hair feels softer and I can detangle it with such EASE after spraying this! I straighten/curl my hair quite often and my hair is in a pretty good condition so it's definitely helping it :)

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